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The WorkflowLiner™ is a modular transport system and at the same time a mobile workstation system. This means that the FTF can be optimally integrated into any type of production environment. The WorkflowLiner™ software can also be individually adapted to different control systems.

The vehicle is suitable for use in assembly and production for products weighing up to one ton. The stepless, electrically driven lifting and rotating adjustment enables optimum accessibility with programmable holding positions.

Especially when handling very large and heavy components, the WorkflowLiner™ shows its ergonomic strengths and ensures effective and flexible production.

The WorkflowLiner™ as a self-driving model
WorkflowLiner™ sample configuration with robot arm

Automation technology advantages

The WorkflowLiner™ is designed for robust use on the shop floor and can be flexibly expanded with many functions.

  • Seamless integration into intralogistics systems
  • Load capacity up to 1 ton possible
  • HMI for worker guidance optionally on board
  • Versions for products in different sizes
  • Free space navigation with LIDAR environment sensors (optional)
  • Variant-controlled, autonomous approach of work stations
  • Lifting and rotating axes for optimum ergonomics

Easy integration into running systems

Reduction in manual load handling

Economic transportation

The WorkflowLiner™ enables versatile transport of components and materials. As part of our Flexible Assembly Solution, the WorkflowLiner™ can independently approach free cells in assembly and production environments and reduce possible waiting times. The WorkflowLiner™ is suitable for manual, semi-automatic and fully automatic processes.

Our system optionally uses work plans in list form (e.g. Excel), eliminating the need for direct PLC intervention. Battery charging can be done with cable connection or during operation via charging stations.

In combination with our control system, station operation and worker information can be provided directly via the HMI on the WorkflowLiner™.

Different WorkflowLiner™ versions
WorkflowLiner™ in digital planning

Highlights at a glance

  • Lifting and rotating functions for up to 1t load capacity
  • Ergonomic mounting due to stepless height adjustment with electric drive
  • Rotating bearing with programmable holding positions
  • Optional electric drive: handling even for heaviest loads
  • External Li-Ion charging station or integrated Li-Ion charger
  • ESD-tested (current shock protected)
  • Navigation "on the line" with remote control
  • Optional free navigation
  • Travelling parts supply
  • Individual adjustments to part weight and size


WorkflowLiner™ test drive

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The portable workstation

Applications areas

  • Assembly line with stop stations
  • Flow assembly
  • Matrix assembly
  • Prototyping (small series)
  • Rework areas (as part of a large series)

Drive concepts

  • Without drive
  • Power-assisted
  • Driven
  • Self-propelled

Adaptations to assembly environments

  • Free overhanging product
  • Pivoting mounting frame
  • Guided navigation
  • Free navigation (on virtual line)
  • Priority control (at intersections)

Mobile workstation options

  • Connection to Manufacturing Execution System (MES)
  • Worker guidance and HMI "on board
  • Parts supply and tools "on board


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Stephan Schnitger - Sales Management - Plan B GmbH - Montageanlagen

Stephan Schnitger

Sales Management

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Interesting solution?

This approach is interesting for your production, or do you have further questions about one of our solutions?

Feel free to contact us. We would be happy to advise you!

Jörn Fischer - Factory Consulting - Plan B GmbH - Montageanlagen

Dr. Jörn E. Fischer

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