Correct tool loading at all times

Loading of the clips

Our fully automated clip assembly revolutionises cockpit production in the automotive sector. With individually adapted part separation and the correct positioning of the clips, we ensure increased fitting accuracy.

Assembly without workers ensures trouble-free processes and avoids assembly errors, resulting in 100% correctness and higher quality. Efficient production is achieved through a high self-sufficiency time thanks to a parts bunker, and in-process inspections of the clip system guarantee parts presence.

Safety and efficiency optimally combined - that is our claim!

Detail der Steckklammeraufnahme
Detail of the clip mounting
100%ig korrekte Bestückung der Sterne
100% correct placement of the clips

Advantages automatic clip insertion

  • Multiple redundant, fully automatic feeding of the clips
  • Clips picked up in the correct position for a reliable increase in cycle time
  • Optimum quality due to uniform positioning in the process
  • Continuous performance control of the system via HMI display
  • Significant reduction of cycle time due to star loading in non-productive times
  • Highest precision due to guaranteed perfect fit in the cockpit
  • Fewer rejects thanks to much reduced, necessary rework

Correct assembly avoids downtimes

Up to 50 clips per minute possible

Mounting on cockpit

Our automotive cockpit clip assembly offers automatic cycling between working position and loading position with an impressive output of up to 50 clips per minute. It is faster, more reliable and more precise than manual setting by workers.

We adapt the star geometries individually to components, resulting in fewer interfering contours between components and secondary beams. Flexible adaptation to new cockpit designs, reduced space requirements and reduced vibrations increase efficiency and product quality.

Thanks to parallel work of placement and assembly and integrated tool arm exchange, we offer optimal solutions.

Here comes the clip into the cockpit
Bird's eye view of the plant (detail)

The flexible system solution

Our self-developed system solution for clip insertion is designed for robust use in production and can be flexibly expanded to include many functions.

  • The Plan B in-house development for clip insertion
  • Easily transferable to other components in injection moulding automation
  • Lower costs: waste reduction and shorter cycle times for greater efficiency
  • High cycle time: Up to 50 clips per minute possible
  • Double loading: Two parts separation systems running in parallel
  • Flexible rotation: Clocking between working and loading position integrated
  • Good transferability: Optimally suited for components in injection moulding automation



Overview of the Plan B clip assmebly system

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Stephan Schnitger - Sales Management - Plan B GmbH - Montageanlagen

Stephan Schnitger

Sales Management

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Interesting solution?

This approach is interesting for your production, or do you have further questions about one of our solutions?

Feel free to contact us. We would be happy to advise you!

Jörn Fischer - Factory Consulting - Plan B GmbH - Montageanlagen

Dr. Jörn E. Fischer

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