Planning modules

Our services encompass a large number of planning modules, which we examine in detail in order to analyse a project as comprehensively as possible.

Project analysis

  • Analysis of all incoming data and key figures
  • Creation of a requirement profile for the project

Product analysis

  • Mountability
  • Tolerances
  • Regulations
  • Assembly structure
  • ⇒ Component optimization for cost-reduced production

Cost analysis

  • Initial budgeting
  • Calculation of investment costs
  • Optimizing of profitability
  • Increased flexibility

Quality concept

  • Joint definition of quality objectives
  • Definition of quality-relevant parameters
  • Dimension of measuring and testing systems
  • Data tracking methodology

Line concept

  • Development of production methods
  • Description of work contents, manual and automatic
  • Determination of the resources for production
  • ⇒ Degree of automation

Layout creation

  • Weighing production methods
  • Material flow
  • Determination of space requirements
  • Visualization

Time management

  • MTM analyses for manual workstations
  • Process time investigations for automatic stations

Control concept

  • Job controlling
  • Connection to control systems
  • Defining of line control
  • Defining data flow

Logistics concept

  • Dimensioning of line feeding
  • Planning of internal material flow
  • Definition of requirements for load carriers


  • Evaluation of work steps
  • Design of manual workstations
  • Increase in efficiency
  • ema (Editor menschlicher Arbeit), simulation of human work


  • Detailed investigation of critical processes
  • Constructionof workpiece carriers
  • Prototypes of stations and manual workstations
  • Detailed construction for machine manufacturing

Project management

  • Project management and consulting during the implementation phase

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