We accompany our customers on the path to globalisation

Worldwide consulting

A new product is being developed. Location issues are discussed and investment budgets determined. Concepts for production are required. There are new requirements for an existing assembly line. New components need to be integrated.

These are typical questions and situations in which Plan B provides support. During this process we always assume the view from „inside to outside“. We develop the process based on your product. This is closely interlinked with the technical personnel and the development on site. This procedure requires a high level of technical knowledge and rapid familiarisation with the characteristics of your products.

That is what we are accustomed to.

We support our customers on the path to globalisation – regional, national and worldwide. Through many years of international experience, we have acquired a high level of intercultural competence, which we are happy to pass on during the consulting process.

International project management

When working on an international level in addition to the classical operational issues, specialised problems must be considered, taking into account the background of different cultural and legal systems.

The key aspect is to adapt the implementation of a project to the different framework conditions of foreign markets. This requires a particular intercultural understanding and special competencies as well as openness to other corporate cultures.
For medium-sized companies and industrial customers alike, economic growth can often only be achieved through expansion abroad. As a result of many years experience managing foreign projects, Plan B has the necessary experise in this specialised area of cross-border project management.

Foreign markets – changed framework conditions

Worldwide at your side

Worldwide implementation

It is essential for project success to have a direct connection to the construction site. This ensures immediate action be taken and the correct decisions made. This is why Plan B accompanies its customers worldwide.

We are an internationally oriented team of engineers and specialists and this makes it possible for us to provide flexibility to the needs and individual wishes of our customers at any time. Various projects in Europe, Asia and America were realised this way. We are a multi-discpline team working in close harmony, and our services can be provided both at the customer’s production site abroad or in Bremen - depending on your requirements.

In cooperation with one of our local customers, this is how we were able to set up and successfully launch a motor assembly line in China.


One of the most important fields of activity of Plan B engineers is the analysis of production processes and making targeted contributions towards their modernisation.
At the international level, this also requires the special ability to act with economical sensitivity within the framework of the regional corporate culture. To ensure a successful transformation process, intimate knowledge of local conditions and a clear strategy for market entry are essential.

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This approach is interesting for your production, or do you have further questions about one of our solutions?

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Stephan Schnitger - Sales Management - Plan B GmbH - Montageanlagen

Stephan Schnitger

Sales Management

Phone +49 421 22325 - 218

E-Mail: schnitger@plan-b-bremen.de

Interesting solution?

This approach is interesting for your production, or do you have further questions about one of our solutions?

Feel free to contact us. We would be happy to advise you!

Jörn Fischer - Factory Consulting - Plan B GmbH - Montageanlagen

Dr. Jörn E. Fischer

Phone +49 421 22 325 221

E-Mail: info@plan-b-fc.de

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