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Our business unit "Special Machinery" creates bespoke solutions for demanding tasks. No solution is ever the same, every solution is unique... Plan B manages all required processes!

Our enthusiastic team of skilled workers, technicians and engineers develops sustainable and continuous improvements in technology, processes and sequences.

With our dedicated team of experts, we are able to meet challenging requirements within time and budget constraints.


Michaela Jost
Project management

Reinhold Flore
Head of assembly team

Process and function precision

In order to manufacture and document at high quality, precision and reliable process data are required. Intelligent use and consistent application of Industry 4.0 technologies in our units enable us to determine these data.

Control technology is an extremely important factor which is enganged at the inception of the project.

Where necessary, we utilise concurrent engineering with our customer and suppliers. The use of concurrent concurrent engineering jointly with our customers allows efficient solutions within minimum timescales. With short project cycle times and high quality requirements we achieve an efficient process chain.

Project management → Construction → Part production → Assembly → Commissioning → Documentation

Intelligent automation right from the start

Automatic stations and complete production lines for assembly technology

Assembly line

Long-term operation under harsh condition of production... multiple-shift operation... trouble-free and low maintenance - this is the high demand on an assembly facility.

In order to improve the complete process reliability, mistakes must be avoided, quality must be improved and suitable interfaces must be integrated with testing and measuring stations into a process chain.

For more than 20 years Plan B has been supplying automatic stations and complete production lines for assembly technology. With our experience gained from the automotive industry, we have entered into the fields of aircraft and consumer goods, realising several demanding projects.

Examples are laser marking systems, measuring systems, feeding systems, assembly machines, material handling machines and demoulding stations. In many cases Plan B engineers or even our customers, with the relevant expertise, are able to integrate the station directly into larger existing assembly lines in order to enhance the efficiency of the work processes.

Special Machinery

Our Plan B team is made up of engineers and employees with diverse and wide-ranging qualifications that allow customised development, design and construction of special machinery on behalf of our clients. The scope of services ranges from manufacturing of specific components to assemblies and devices up to machinery and complete facilities.

A precise implementation of individual requirements elicits new and efficient work processes. With long-term expertise, vertical range of manufacture and quality Plan B guarantees both a safe and reliable production process.

Unique know‑how for unique solutions

Assembly times, accessi­bilities and ergonomics

Manual Workstations

Manufacture of an automatic station. Standard solutions are frequently being offered but rarely suit bespoke tasks and challenges. Precise planning of job sequences is required, taking into account assembly times, accessibilities and ergonomics. This lays the foundation for an optimal and economical manual workstation.

For construction there are two options:

The complete manual workstation including component supply is represented by means of a simplified 3D-design. In doing so, the complete workflow can be jointly discussed beforehand and optimisied with the customer.

Alternatively, the possibility of "Reverse Engineering" can be used by creating simple fixtures and devices with utilisation of prototypes prior to final completion. Thus, the accessibilty to the components and an ergonomic design of the parts supply can be tested in advance before a subsequent detailed construction completes the whole process.

Operating equipment

Manufacture of operating equipment used exclusively for specific applications in production requires comprehensive knowledge both of the component part and the particular operating process.

With sound ideas and little effort, many tasks can be significantly improved. Here, Plan B can provide optimal support: details not being seen in daily work routine are recognised by a well-trained view from outside. By optimising complete operating sequences and designing and building the handheld devices required, we are able to exploit considerable potential for our customers.

Plan B manufactures special tools and operating equipment such as assembly tools, adjustment gauges, templates, gripper or testing devices. These special tools are produced according to customer requirements and adapted to individual workplace requirements.


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This approach is interesting for your production, or do you have further questions about one of our solutions?

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Stephan Schnitger - Sales Management - Plan B GmbH - Montageanlagen

Stephan Schnitger

Sales Management

Phone +49 421 22325 - 218


Interesting solution?

This approach is interesting for your production, or do you have further questions about one of our solutions?

Feel free to contact us. We would be happy to advise you!

Jörn Fischer - Factory Consulting - Plan B GmbH - Montageanlagen

Dr. Jörn E. Fischer

Phone +49 421 22 325 221


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