Optimized processes with MTM analyses

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The planning and optimization of assembly systems are demanding tasks that require a high degree of precision and experience. MTM analyses offer proven methods to effectively plan and optimize the associated workflows and processes.

MTM is the abbreviation for "Methods-Time-Measurement". It is a method for determining standard times and is one of the systems of predetermined times. MTM analysis therefore uses various methods to investigate what time is actually used for in production or assembly.

The goal of time analysis is to make the structure of performed activities and their time shares transparent and thus to uncover time losses. This makes it a proven instrument for process and production optimization.

Production optimization with MTM analyses

MTM analyses are used in various phases. In the design phase, for example, MTM analyses can be used to improve workplace design and create optimized flow charts, resulting in long-term cost savings. In addition, the planned cycle times of manual workstations can be verified methodically and correctly.

In a running production, MTM analyses help to take appropriate measures to achieve takt times and to uncover waste. The time analysis makes the structure of performed activities and their time shares transparent, so that possible time losses can be identified. This also includes consideration of the ergonomics of manual workstations and work instructions.

Process optimization with MTM analyses

Process optimization with MTM analyses is based on the decomposition of work processes into elementary movements that are evaluated with defined times. These times take into account factors such as the difficulty, speed and ergonomics of the movement. By summing the times for all movements, the total duration of a process can be determined.

Furthermore, the method can be used to objectively compare and optimize processes. This includes, for example, the reduction of unnecessary movements through the improvement of workplace design, the standardization and documentation of work processes or the adjustment of workload and break regulations.

MTM-Analysen von Plan B: Professionelle Optimierung mit Erfahrung

At Plan B, we have been using MTM analyses for many years in our own design, in planning, and in mechanical and plant engineering. We would like to offer our analytical skills and our profound experience to other customers.

For this task, we employ qualified MTM practitioners in our company who use the internationally recognized MTMa building block systems (MTM1, UAS, MEK, SD, C-values) to analyze work processes transparently and thus bring about an increase in productivity in harmony with ergonomics.

Benefit from the expertise of the assembly planning experts of Plan B Automation

  • Responsibility as MTM practitioner for analyses of work scopes according to MTM - method
    • Preparation of planning analyses for assembly lines in the planning phase
    • Process recording of the sequences to 100%. Preparation of the execution analyses and existing work systems
  • Recording of process times in predefined areas and creation of new process modules
  • Identification of the potentials, preparation of the calculation and optimization of the workload
  • Analysis of the activities with regard to possible sources of waste
  • Presentation and coordination of the calculated data with the department and support in the validation of the calculation
  • Control of the existing analyses, recording of the processes and evaluation

In the case of an MTM analysis, Plan B Automation takes over the process and time optimization for you and designs your production process in such a way that all resources are optimally utilized.

When do you challenge us with an MTM analysis? Your contact person Britta Kalusche, Head of Assembly Planning, is looking forward to hearing from you.


Britta Kalusche
phone: +49 421 22325223
email: kalusche@plan-b-bremen.de


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This approach is interesting for your production, or do you have further questions about one of our solutions?

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